PASCAL, the fondue fork that became a peg...

«When I was a kid, my field was fine dining. People kept fighting over who would would get to hold me and agitate me in the fondue pot! As time passed, things changed, believe you me! I am still in the kitchen, but this time by the rags.» 

PASCAL is a kitchen towel-holder crafted from fondue forks. Carefully lumbered in tiny studs, these wooden elements are then assembled by our care on a metal sheet machined by a team of craftsmen in the Vaud district. The outline of PASCAL is inspired by the landscape of Swiss mountains, with its snowy peaks, its chalets and its delicious fondue!

// peg : diverse woods, varnished (fork handle) // source : Switzerland  // base : anodised aluminium // fixation : M4 wood screws // dim. : 17x6,5x3 cm // manufacturing : Switzerland (Göuemens-la-Ville, VD) // prix : 42 chf //