PAOLO BROTHERS, the tile that became an appetizer board...

«As a kid, I was destined for bathroom coating, but I’ve always been very sociable! I chose to become an appetizer board, and I’ve felt way more comfortable ever since. It’s a field that just suits me better!» 

The PAOLO BROTHERS are appetizer boards associating tiles collected from the leftovers of a construction site, with wood shaped by a craftsman in Villeneuve. The tile, provided to place the greasy or hot elements, is laid out on a wooden base, which is itself better used for slicing. Available in different models and sizes, the production of the PAOLO BROTHERS is ephemeral since it depends on the availability of unused lots that we find and fetch at the end of construction sites.



// tile : faïence // dim. : 25x46x2 cm // price : 95 chf

// tile : cement // dim. : 20x51x2 cm // price : 95 chf

// tile : terracotta // dim. : 14x55x2 cm // price : 95 chf

/ tile : ceramic / dim. : 16x28x2 cm / price : 65 chf

// origin : unused lots from Swiss construction sites // base : European FSC certified beech wood // finishing :  natural oiling // manufacturing : Switzerland Villeneuve (VD) //