NUNC, it is us, Margaux and Clara, two designers, French or Swiss, does it really matter? Shaped by the industrial world we are coming from, we decided to observe the handcrafts, just to see. One thing leading to another, we became NUNC. 


NUNC considers itself both as an approach and as an invitation to re-think and re-use the object in its entirety, whether it is industrial or artisanal. We always seek to offer a production process that is wise and responsible


What matters for us, is to create and manufacture objects that hold a meaning. 


NUNC is a brand of recycled industrial objects that are manufactured in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen.


We draw, thus, from the industrial manufacturing process to facilitate artisanal production and bring regional expertise in the spotlight : we blend traditional expertise with modern manufacturing techniques


NUNC offers household items that are composed of industrial elements collected in diverse industries and reshaped into a new object, thus giving them a second, more artisanal life.


Our creative process takes place on a day-to-day basis, fueled by the discoveries and treasures found here and there. Thus, every NUNC object carries its own tale and path, along with its former and new lives…