LES P'TITS JO, le jouet pour enfant devenu adulte...

«When I was a kid, children used to play with me. But they don’t want me anymore… They think I’m too old ! So now, I spend my days with the adults. We chat, drink coffee… those kinds of things.» 

This TINY JOES are like two peas in a pod with the one from our PERMANENT COLLECTION. Don’t get mistaken! This weebles have a very particular mission : stand guarded on a bistro table ! Thus transformed in reservation sign, they indicate the disposability of the tables.


On request (and depending on our discoveries!) this TINY JOES can be adapted to any mission or theme ( animal - plants - construction - food sector …!) Contact us HERE for any request ! 

// figurine : diverse plastiques // origin : diverse attics, flea markets … // base : concrete // manufacturing : Switzerland (Cully, VD) // // dim. : ø 3 ou 6 cm + figurine's height //