THE TINY JOES, the kid’s toy that grew up...

«When I was a kid, children used to play with me. But they don’t want me anymore… They think I’m too old ! So now, I spend my days with the adults. We chat, drink coffee… those kinds of things.» 

The TINY JOES are decorative shelf, chimney or desk objects. As many winks to our childhood as we can remember, these reckless figurines, phantasmagoric and adventurous, were molded in cement. Thus becoming weebles, the TINY JOES never fall down : they get agitated when we push them around but always revert to their original position. Since every single one of them is the result of our lucky findings in various attics and trunks, they are all unique items.


// dim. : ø 6 cm + figurine’s height // price : 18 chf

// dim. : ø 3 cm + figurine’s height // price : 7 chf

// figurine : diverse plastiques // origin : diverse attics, flea markets … // base : concrete // manufacturing : Switzerland (Cully, VD) //