ALICE and LOUISE, the tile that became a table center...

«When we were young, they wanted to turn us into a floor cover. What were they thinking ? We are more ambitious than that ! We preferred becoming a presentation board, we are so much more at ease! It is a world that suits us so much better!» 

ALICE and LOUISE are the PAOLO bros’ big sister ! Halfway between the table center and the presentation boards, ALICE and LOUISE are adorned by an industrial tile, just like their brother. Laying out on a base, the tile flooring is highlighted by a majestic mahogany wood. This wooden part is then beveled on two of its edge, to help when moving around. Shaped by a Swiss cabinetmaker, ALICE and LOUISE each have their own pattern. 


More generous and more ephemeral than their brothers, ALICE and LOUISE were created for NOV, a galley in Geneva, in the occasion of the Milan Furniture Exhibition in 2017. First shown at ROSSANA ORLANDI in Milano, they will then settle in Geneva, in the NOV gallery show room. 


Each model is available in a limited edition of 10 numbered and signed pieces .



// dim. : 80 x 44 cm


// dim. : 58 x 58 cm

// tile : concrete // source : industrial stock leftovers // base : mahogany wood // finitions : natural oiling // manufacturing : Switzerland - Villeneuve (VD) // price : on request HERE //