MICHEL et BENJAMIN, the vinyl container that became a notebook cover...

«When I was a kid, I hosted a 33 rpm vinyl disc. Then time passed… a new age settled. I thought I had been forgotten, but today, I became the cover of a notebook; I belong to someone again!» 

MICHEL and BENJAMIN are notebooks. Whether as a private diary, a draft notebook, or simply a shopping list, they will adapt to each and everyone’s will. The cardboard covers, rigorously selected, come from empty 33 rpm vinyl covers. As for the inside pages, the ones of MICHEL are white and the ones of BENJAMIN are mixed. They all come from leftover paper stacks collected from printers in the Lavaux region, and were assembled by a binder master not far from Lausanne.


// dim. : A5 // price : 21 Chf

// dim. : A6 // price : 15 Chf

// dim. : A7 // price : 12 Chf

// cover : cardboard // source : vinyl cover which lost its 33 rpm // interior : diverse papers ( white or streaked) // source : unsold lots of paper // assemble : staple // manufacturing : Switzerland (Chavannes-près-Renens, VD)