DANIEL, the electric coffee maker that became a carafe...

«When I was y kid, with my heating unit, we use to form an unequalled duo ! We served coffees all day, it was sensational ! Then PAF! What a blow! A morning, a short-circuit took my coworker… For a while, I’ve been a water carafe, I am discovering this job, it is incredible!» 

DANIEL is a water carafe made from broken electric coffee makers. Composed of a hose clamp and a steel inox assemble, a new handle adorns this glass volumes. Rigorously selected, each silhouette of DANIEL is unique ! 


In very limited editions, only 6 models exists. If you are lucky, you might still meet one at ATTRIBUT D'IRIS, in Lausanne, but hurry up before it’s too late!

// body : borosilicate glass // origin : broken industrial electric coffee makers // handle : steel inox // workmanship : bead-blasting // manufacturing : Switzerland (Yverdon, VD) // dim. : 1 to 2 L depending on the model // price : on request HERE //