JOSETTE, l'assiette esseulée devenue service...

«When I was young, I had a family… But one day, I was forgotten at a friend’s place! Thus orphaned, I had to find a new clan. It was not always easy! Today, I can finally say that this clan has become my new family!» 

The JOSETTES are a family of plates, reconstituted from different sets. Small, medium, or large, each one of them was re-enameled with the expertise of a ceramist in Lausanne. When in the oven and in contact with the old material, the enamel creates a new texture and pattern which is shared by every JOSETTE, thus re-creating a family. 


// dim. : ø 28 to 30 cm

// dim. : ø 20 to 22 cm

// dim. : ø 12 to 14 cm

// plate : diverses ceramics // source : unpaired sets (Switzerland) // re-enamelling : enamel from «les Argiles du Moulins» // manufacturing : Switzerland (Lausanne, VD) // price : on request HERE //